Casco Bay Hemp Offers 3000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

A 3000mg full spectrum CBD oil is a highly concentrated formula. This tincture is intended for horses, livestock and people with very high tolerance.

March 3, 2019 (FPRC) -- Full spectrum CBD oil has become one of the most popular all natural anti-inflammatories on the market. Most products on the market are offered in two forms of CBD concentrate, pure isolate and full spectrum oil. The general consensus seems to be that a whole plant full spectrum CBD oil provides the most health benefits. This is due to what is called the “entourage effect” which is all compounds of the hemp plant interacting with an existing endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

Casco Bay Hemp has quickly become one of the leading manufacturing brands of CBD oil. Their 3000mg full spectrum oil is packed with CBD. This tincture is intended primarily for horses. Casco Bay advises their human customers to use a very small amount for daily consumption. The human body only absorbs so much full spectrum hemp oil, so adding more concentrated oil doesn’t necessarily mean greater results.

The product is packaged in a two fl oz (30ml) bottle and retails for $129.99. The full spectrum oil provides a full blend of 90+ cannabinoids, terpenes and antioxidants while featuring a CBD level of 25 percent, the highest of any full spectrum hemp product. Along with a 3000mg tincture Casco Bay Hemp also offers a 300mg, 900mg for humans and 250 and 900mg full spectrum hemp oil for pets.

All of Casco Bay’s full spectrum CBD oils are made with whole plant hemp extract and are non GMO and vegan. Whole plant (aerial parts) provides all of the benefits of CBD in addition to the multitude of other benefits provided by the terpenoids, proteins, fats, lipids, chloroform and flavonoids. Green Gorilla™ is an international brand in the hemp and cannabis industries and a leading manufacturer of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) organic supplements, topical, pet and horse care products.There is much information and scientific studies available to the public on our endocannabinoid systems and the entourage effect. Medical cannabis, specifically CBD, has widely become more accepted within the public and medical profession.

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