This Influencer Just Created His Own CBD Wellness Company

New Nutrient-rich CBD Wellness Beverage Takes To The Market To Fight Stress and Anxiety

March 4, 2019 (FPRC) -- It’s pretty clear that CBD is trending, but what happens when the benefits of the increasingly-popular phytocannabinoid are enhanced with plant-based nutrients and adaptogens in a refreshing wellness beverage? That’s where Unity Wellness Co. steps into the picture.

After trying CBD for the first time just over a year ago, fitness and social media influencer, Alex Valley, experienced the positive benefits it had on his stress, anxiety and even muscle recovery. In mid-2018 he started putting together a team to create a CBD wellness brand, with a mission to create healthy, delicious products and a brand with a greater message: “To be your best U.”

“‘Stressed Out’ has become the new normal in today’s hectic world,” said Valley (Founder). “Since we started, our goal has been to bring something to the market that is super-healthy, tastes great, and reduces stress. Something beautifully crafted—from the branding to the flavor. Simply put: something good for you and your mental health.”

Alex and his team spent days sourcing all-natural ingredients that work in unison with the benefits of CBD, with a focus on improving physical and emotional well-being by helping reduce one’s stress and anxiety.

Unity Wellness Co. officially launched in retail stores across Los Angeles on Valentine's Day with their 16-oz Wellness Elixir, featuring two light and refreshing flavor offerings, Ginger Lemonade and Elderflower Rose. Both beverages are infused with 20mg of organic hemp CBD and plant-based “super-nutrients” ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba and rhodiola rosea – all known for their role in supporting with stress, anxiety, and cognitive health.

Unity Wellness Co. does not plan on stopping there. They already have multiple product SKUs and variations in the works launching over the next few months.

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