in Minneapolis Expands MSP Airport Limousine Service is a local limousine company, is expanding its services to the general public, it was only doing MSP airport rides for corporate clients for the last 3 years. We newly released website, it will service most traveler an be available 24/7 for MSP transportation.

March 12, 2019 (FPRC) -- After 3 years, has announced that they are going to start offering MSP Airport limo & transportation services across the Twin Cities, MN for any one, not just for corporate customers.

For the past few years, has been helping corporation in Minneapolis to transport corporate executives to the MSP airport. Other companies outside of the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area took notice of the number of out of state corporate visitors that so started requesting help with their out-of-state executives coming thru the MSP airport in Minneapolis for other organizations.

"We started getting quite a few calls and inquiries from other corporations and regular travelers outside and inside the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area who were asking for help in transporting executives coming for short visits. This started to become a regular occurrence and we knew we needed to expand our service area" says Eric B., the founder of

The MSP car/limo service has been growing steadily since the early 2015's when the Twin Cities started to grow and more large organization took notice. More and more corporate executives decided that it was easier to hire a limo to bring and pick up these executives from the MSP airport.

This growth of limousine companies in the the Twin Cities has created more competition for online exposure. "It has become increasingly important for property drivers to focus on how they can be found online by all of the owners searching online. SEO for corporate MSP airport service is one of the most cost effective ways for generating new leads" says Eric. is already servicing companies in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and most of the Twin Cities metro. They hope to help companies in most of Minnesota by the end of 2018. "Our goal is to help one company in every major metro area across the Twin Cities by the end of the year.

When it comes to marketing property management companies, SEO is a strategy that no company can ignore.

Send an email to Eric of (612) 389-9906
2400 North 2nd Street
Minneapolis MN 55411
United States

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