Online Cyber Security Magazine WhatIsMalware.Net Launches

New internet security site provides a valuable mix of in depth and easy to understand content related to cyber security threats, web safety tips and technical guides.

June 4, 2019 (FPRC) -- WhatIsMalware.Net, an online cyber security magazine that covers a broad range of topics including malware, internet security tips, anti malware reviews and technology related guides has launched, and is available for viewing at

Given the ever-increasing amount of cyber-attacks and malware threats online, WhatIsMalware was created to help everyday web users understand more about the dangers of malware, cyber security threats in general and also to provide helpful web security tips to help keep users safer when online. With the core focus of the website being about malware threats and cyber security, it is aimed at users of all types, regardless of their levels of expertise when it comes to the internet or computing in general.

“We are happy to have finally launched WhatIsMalware”, stated blog owner Steven Alfreds. “Too many people today who are connected to the web have little to no knowledge about the dangers of malware threats, and this is one of the main reasons we created this site. To help people learn more about malware and also how to protect themselves against these threats”.

Laptop, smartphone and computer users all around the globe will find the website an invaluable source of information regarding cyber threats and web safety tips. Understanding the dangers and significance of malware as well as how to defend against such threats has often been beyond the means of most average internet users. This is what makes the WhatIsMalware online security magazine unique. It delivers easy to understand, no nonsense and straight to the point content, thereby allowing the reader to find exactly what they are looking for, and at the same time allowing them to learn about internet safety effectively.

In addition to information about cyber security and malware threats, the team at WhatIsMalware also offer internet security reviews and helpful technical guides which can help users improve the performance of their systems as well. Even with the website only being 1 month old, the site provides an impressive amount and quality of content to readers, and the team behind the website remain committed to steadily increasing the collection of content, ensuring that it keeps relevant with the latest developments in the cyber security world.

About WhatIsMalware:

We are an online cyber security magazine. WhatIsMalware was created to teach everyday internet users about the dangers of online cyber security threats and to show them how to safeguard their systems against them.

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