Havens to Open High End Kitchen & Bath Gallery in Orlando, Florida

The Havens Gallery is opening for viewing in Fall of 2019. A Kitchen & bath showroom at it's core, this Gallery will feature high end metal products, works of art, and a lounge for

June 7, 2019 (FPRC) -- A project in the works for nearly 3 years, The Havens Gallery is the brainchild of kitchen & bath industry leader - Havens | Luxury Metals. A custom metal fabricator since 1984, Havens has serviced customers and clients from a 12,000 square foot warehouse just north of the downtown Orlando area. With dreams to expand, the young CEO of Havens Metal (Alex Havens) announced his plans to open a luxurious Gallery for local and out of town clients to interact with the products.

Coming in Fall of 2019, Havens (havensmetal.com) will open it's doors to a brand new Gallery, featuring their flagship products, high-end art pieces, and a comfortable lounge for customers to relax in between viewings. The family-owned business has developed a highly personalized and luxurious line of custom metal products, seen in high-end homes all over the Globe.

The new Gallery opening in October 2019 will feature copper sinks, Japanese Soaking Tubs, custom countertops, and handcrafted metal art. The Gallery will be located at 6701 Edgewater Commerce Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32810 at the same location the current warehouse is located. The Havens Gallery will be featured on the East side of the lot, next to the existing fabrication warehouse.

Clients will be able to visit the Gallery Monday-Saturday, and set up appointments for a tour of the facilities. The tour will be about 30 minutes, featuring a tour through the fabrication process and an interactive viewing of the showroom with fully functional sinks, soaking tubs, and faucets. Special events will be hosted at this Gallery, partnering with brand affiliates and kitchen and bath industry partners.

For more information contact Alex Havens of Havens | Luxury Metals  (http://www.havensmetal.com)

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