Caterquip Founder Dominic Ricciardi Expands the Company Across Borders and Into Services

The Successful Catering Entrepreneur Shows His Ambition By Hiring New Staff and Expanding the Business Into New Territories and New Services

June 22, 2019 (FPRC) -- Caterquip founder Dominic Ricciardi has given an indication of his ambition and enterprise, by expanding the company in multiple new directions.

Firstly, Ricciardi has taken the catering equipment supply business across borders, recently shipping a container full of goods across the ocean to clients located in Egypt. This journey of several thousand miles signifies Ricciardi's desire to establish Caterquip as a truly global business.

After many years of success in the UK market, with Caterquip becoming the largest supplier of reconditioned catering equipment in the country, Ricciardi has eyes on replicating that success abroad, and developing Caterquip into a market leader in several new territories across Europe and beyond.

He also intends to diversify Caterquip's offerings, from merely providing equipment, into providing services too. This should allow Caterquip to better meet the needs and desires of their client base, while also giving the company a clear and solid pathway to growth, in a fashion which provides much future potential for advancing into fresh industry sectors.

To help meet these goals, Ricciardi has recently expanded the Caterquip team by bringing in two new members of staff. If the company expansion goes as planned, it is hoped these will be the first of many new hires.

About Dominic Ricciardi: Dominic Ricciardi is a prolific and successful entrepreneur, who has worked in a variety of industries for many decades. Having started off in the barbering trade long ago, he is now best known for founding the successful reconditioned catering equipment supplier Caterquip, which has provided catering products to many hundreds of satisfied customers over the years, from TV Chefs to multinational corporations and almost everything in between.

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