Leading Milton Keynes Cleaning Company Kleen and Fresh Launch Home-Cleaning Blog

Experienced, Family-Run Cleaning Business Launch Blog To Assist Homeowners With Household Cleaning

July 11, 2019 (FPRC) -- The respected cleaning company Kleen and Fresh have launched their own blog, publishing articles that will teach others how to maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of their homes.

Kleen and Fresh was originally created back in 2008, when Phil and Louise Reeves decided to start a company which would help others to maintain dignity, comfort, and pride in their homes. From there, business has blossomed.

Not only does the company cater to owners of private homes, but also a wide range of other properties. Schools, churches, community centres, and commercial buildings have all benefited from their cleaning magic.

Widely renowned for their levels of professionalism, punctuality, and experience, Kleen and Fresh became a household name in the area.

Now, they are taking their business digital too, sharing their knowledge and experience more widely.

Their brand-new blog will teach readers how to improve the appearance of their home and maintain its cleanliness. They will cover a range of topics to help readers make the very best of their space.

The first blog post teaches readers about the four ‘nasties’ lurking in their carpet — and how regular cleaning can remove them.

Cleaning and home maintenance prove continually popular topics online. Many readers wish to improve the appearance and cleanliness of their homes and turn to experienced guidance for help.

With today’s busy lifestyle, the most time efficient and accessible way to find that guidance is via the internet. Kleen and Fresh will provide educational and entertaining content for a wide readership online, and are excited to teach a new audience the value of cleaning.

About Kleen and Fresh: Kleen and Fresh is a family-run cleaning business established in 2008 in the Milton Keynes area. They provide a range of services including restoring the appearance of hardwood floors, carpet cleaning, stain removals and more.

They pride themselves on experience and extremely high standards, ensuring that their products are environmentally friendly and safe for animals and children, and that their staff are CRB checked.

Kleen and Fresh can be contacted via their website or can be found at: Kleen and Fresh, 52 Lichfield Down, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7BB.

For more information contact Phil Reeves of Kleen and Fresh  (http://www.kleenandfresh.co.uk/)
01908 230201

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