New Indie Film Brings Awareness to Immigration and the Human Spirit

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 27, 2020) – Award winning artist and short film director Genevieve Anderson makes her feature debut with a film she wrote and directed in Nogales, Arizona in the nexus of the immigration debate. In advance of the film’s release, Anderson and her team are hosting a virtual watch party fundraiser on the Latin Heat Entertainment website May 14th, along with a Zoom Q&A with cast and crew, to raise money for migrants and asylum seekers in detention centers at the US/Mexico border at heightened risk of Covid 19 exposure. Details for the screening and fundraiser will be posted on the Facebook page below, as well as the website

May 6, 2020 (FPRC) -- Director’s Statement:
“DUSTWUN came out of my experience living in Southern Arizona near the US/Mexico border in the center of the immigration/wall crisis. It reflects perspectives of border patrol agents, Samaritans, migrants, liberals, and conservatives - all of whom I spent extensive time with in research. The film was shot over 10 days on an active crossing site in Green Valley, with a set built from existing materials, as well as real artifacts abandoned by migrants. DUSTWUN is a fable about people connecting beyond the imaginary borders of language, walls, and laws. We are at a crossroads where understanding our interconnectedness is vital to our survival as a species. I made this film as a fable to bypass politics and expand the conversation on what matters most: compassion.”

What audiences are saying about DUSTWUN:

“DUSTWUN is an impeccably beautiful film that challenged me to think more deeply. I was incredibly moved by this film - I feel like I need to go home and have a good cry. It captures the complexity of the issues of refugee justice and border security in a remarkably poignant way. If only every American, every person, could watch this film, it would have us thinking in much more productive ways about what it means to be human.” (Tilly Hinton)

“It’s an absolutely amazing film. Genevieve tells a simple yet poignant tale about what’s going on at our border right now. The characters are written well, the cinematography is absolutely beautiful – it’s definitely worth seeing. I whole-heartedly support getting the film out there to start a conversation that needs to be had.” (Diane McKenzie)

“DUSTWUN is beautifully shot and directed. I congratulate Genevieve and the entire cast and crew - these issues are so complicated and we don’t often see the humanity under the headlines. In this movie you see a lot of the humanity. I loved the honesty, and the loneliness and hope about the whole picture.” (Eric Pierpont)

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