New Children’s Podcast Promotes Social Tolerance

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June 11, 2020 (FPRC) -- Education
The Dust Bunnies is a new STEM podcast series that teaches children about social tolerance. Whereas other children’s programs have introduced dust bunnies as a concept, most have done little to fully understand the relevance of these microscopic beings to the world of children, and have missed opportunities to bring science into discussions of society, at least to help elementary children grasp such ideas of how everything is connected in our life.

Its creator, an award-winning Bay area film producer Ray Gutierrez is also the writer and founding member of Luminaire Innovative Technologies, a new Silicon Valley-based media company that has recently launched a lighted-hearted audio series that takes on serious issues to help parents discuss and introduce themes of racism, sexism, and injustice with their children. According to the company’s mission, “We provide the window for discussion and reflection through age-appropriate content. The content is unique because social issues are framed within the world of microbiology. The stories center on microscopic characters that become friends. These friends come from very diverse backgrounds in the natural world, fundamentally emphasizing the critical value of difference as a plus in our world. Through the series, children will learn how to relate to science socially, increasing their interest and appreciation for the diversity in their community and the world.
The series has been gaining popularity since its inceptions, along with a debut music video that encourages children to respect and become friends of those who appear different but have much more in common with each other. Children discover we are all together in this one big fascinating world. The episodes that comprise Dust Bunnies are based on stories that are informed by real social issues, and are grounded in science. Gutierrez pointed out, “As a child, I grew up among hatred and racism, and watched it all around me. It is my hope that the next generation of children will be more understanding of one another, and cultural differences will be viewed as positive attributes in society. I am building a better world, one podcast at a time. I hope this series will also help to teach parents these lessons, while listening with their children. ”
After a career in film production and media marketing, Gutierrez decided to return to his original mission of creating children’s programming that would make a difference. “The racial violence and hatred that has increased over the past few years fueled my passion to make a difference, by creating a program that would speak to children, reducing their fears and embracing their intuitively kind hearts. I thought it was important to help them find their voice and build their confidence when they are very young.” As a father of two sons, Gutierrez dedicates this series to them, as well other parents, who are searching for solutions amidst a need to address these critical topics.

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