Treating COVID-19 in the Ultimate Mobile Negative Pressure Isolation Room 'ripod'

Response to Covid-19 ( Coronavirus ), Rescue Pods along with NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation are pleased to announce the launch of the new RiPOD Negative Pressure Room helping the world with Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

June 30, 2020 (FPRC) -- A RiPOD is a mobile Negative Pressure Room (Class N) used for treatment of a person suffering from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) while neutralizing the air within the RiPOD with ultraviolet filter system, reducing cross contamination of the Coronavirus. COVID-19 (from ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2’ (or ‘SARS-CoV-2’) is a newly discovered (novel) corona virus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei province, China in 2019 as the cause of a cluster of pneumonia cases.

Coronaviruses are similar to a number of human and animal pathogens including some of those which cause the common cold as well as more serious illnesses including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS/ SARS-CoV-1) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Since discovery, COVID-19 has spread to many countries and was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 30 January 2020.

The RiPOD was designed and built for a variety of uses; accommodation of one patient suffering from an infectious disease, laboratory testing facility, autopsy room or any other room that is required to be in a Negative Pressure Room for the containment of infectious pathogens. It can also be used at Mine sites or in remote areas, aged care facilities, for COVID-19 outbreak, hospital overflow and more. The RiPOD is designed and tested to Local and International ICU Guidelines. Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) state in ANMF Evidence Brief the following: Key messages: * Isolation rooms, including negative pressure rooms, are designed to control the airflow in the room so that the number of airborne infectious particles is reduced to a level that diminishes the risk of cross infection of others. * Negative room air pressure is designed to protect others outside the room from any airborne transmission from a patient who may be an infection risk inside the room. * COVID-19 is not currently thought to be transmitted via airborne routes and may only pose an airborne infection risk in the context of clinical aerosol generating procedures and some methods of respiratory sample collection. * Patients should be placed in a negative pressure room if an aerosol generating procedure is to be performed. * If available, negative pressure rooms should be used for the collection of respiratory samples from patients with suspected COVID-19 who have severe symptoms suggestive of pneumonia. * In Australia, negative pressure rooms should comply with the guidelines outlined by the Australasian Health Infrastructure Alliance.

The RiPOD has an Air Management System (AMS) that autonomously controls and sterilises the airflow in the room so that the number of airborne infectious particles are reduced to a level that ensures cross-infection of other people within a healthcare facility is highly unlikely.

RiPOD achieves this by:
 Automatic Control of the quantity and quality of intake or exhausted air in order to maintain an internal negative pressure relative to the outside atmospheric pressure.
 Automatically maintaining different air pressures between compartments with automated pressure controlled locking doors.
 Designed airflow patterns for specific clinical procedures.
 Killing airborne infectious pathogens through Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI).
 Clean Air Supply through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter system.
 Best practices using antibacterial building materials for Medical facilities
 Independent Oxygen supply to patients via onboard Oxygen Bottle supply.
 Independently Tested and Certified by ISO 17025/NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory (AMT Group Australasia).

Ben Notley, Managing Director of Rescue Pods explains ‘Our goal as a company is to provide mobile, medically safe structures to aid health care workers treating patients with infectious diseases, by isolating patients individually in their own RiPOD, reducing the spread of infectious diseases, promoting life and a positive outcome for all.’ He continues ’ We have been fortunate to have partnered with Nepean Engineering & Innovation and Zoll to quickly deliver a fully autonomous, medically equipped, Negative Pressure Isolation Room that has all the modern conveniences and latest technology, to the world.’

A RiPOD is an adapted shipping container with 4 negative pressure compartments: secure entry & exit room, patient room and ensuite. These compartments can be changed by talking to our design team to suit the various uses as mentioned above. A negative pressure room is a vital piece of medical infrastructure that is needed when dealing with airborne infectious diseases. When a patient has an infectious disease, there is a need to isolate the patient to reduce transmission routes of the virus, which is either by direct transmission, contact transmission and aerosol transmission. The unique design of RiPOD makes it possible to contain and neutralise contaminated airborne particles within a negative pressure-controlled environment on an individual patient basis.

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