Are Our Daily Lives Predetermined? Alvira Michaels Seems to Think So, for the Most Part, with Her Supernatural Fiction Novel 'The Hand of Fate'

Alvira Michaels lives in the United Kingdom. She was compelled to write her novel, which she says was written in tandem with her spirit guides, after many supernatural experiences early on in childhood, and as an adult. This novel crosses genres, and though supernatural in content it could also sit under the banner of paranormal romance, chick lit or contemporary fiction.

July 9, 2020 (FPRC) -- This work of fiction is the debut novel from Ms Michaels. In the first book of a duology, The Hand of Fate centres on the life of Alexandra Gray who emigrates from London to San Francisco once she finds the love of her life. The gritty story leading up to the character’s point of departure is a thought-provoking one. The book explores some interesting issues, and you get the sense that the author wants to convey the message that, as human beings, our existence should be more about living life with a sense of purpose and meaning rather than getting caught up in stereotypes and race.

A strong supernatural element runs throughout the book, with mention of ghosts, magic and divination. There is a good sprinkling of sassy humour too, with Alexandra forming life-long bonds in her new home country. Her quest to find the truth and what was hidden from her comes to a satisfactory conclusion. To quote the author: 'This is a story about a woman who overcame adversity despite the odds stacked against her, a story about not giving up, no matter what life throws at you. The Hand of Fate is a reminder that although some things are fated, we ultimately have a hand in our own destiny. If you have faith and believe in the magic of the universe, anything is possible. And sometimes those who have passed before us help light the way.'

The book sends a very powerful message.

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