Amherst Junk Removal Releases New Website Design

After years of an outdated website that the owner actually admitted he was embarrassed to show anyone, Amherst Junk Removal finally took the plunge, hired a local marketing company, and released a brand new website! For more information about the company and services, contact them directly at 716-293-2099.

July 18, 2020 (FPRC) -- The new website design was released for Amherst Junk Removal in Amherst, NY to continue expanding their brand.

The website now features multiple service pages and a responsive design in order to be more appealing to mobile phone users. With statistics showing that more people than ever spend a lot of time on their phones, they made targeting cell phone users a very strong priority with the revamp.

The owner was quoted saying "We've been talking about wanting a new website for years and finally we decided to go for it! Thankfully our old website is already offline, because to be honest, it was kind of embarrassing," said Jay Winslow, the owner of Amherst Junk Removal from its inception. "I can finally be excited to tell people to head to and actually mean it!"

According to Winslow, the company has also decided to make social media marketing a priority and plans to create a number of accounts including Facebook and Twitter so they can continue to expand their customer base throughout the Buffalo, NY and Western New York area.

The enhancement of their online presence was executed by local Buffalo, NY social media marketing company, Marketing Mayor.

One of the areas top junk removal companies, Amherst Junk Removal has been servicing the northtowns for several years. They have managed to create a great relationship with the local community and continue to try and grow their presence. Specializing in trash removal, office and warehouse cleanouts, yard waste removal and general junk removal, the company has established a wonderful reputation in the Amherst, NY and WNY region.

To learn about Amherst Junk Removal's services and pricing, including a free quote, call them directly at 716-293-2099.

Contact via email Jay Winslow of Amherst Junk Removal

For more information contact Jay Winslow of Amherst Junk Removal  (http://

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