Young Astronauts Club Releases Music Online!

Music is newly available today, visit the official site to listen!

September 12, 2020 (FPRC) -- World-famous American music group Young Astronauts Club has released music which was previously unavailable online due to publishing and royalty issues with various internet streaming portals. The group is renowned for making their music available only in physical formats as a statement against online piracy, but finally has decided to make certain works available via their official website only. Visit their official site to take a listen. You can do so at It is FREE to do so, but visitors are encouraged to make a donation in order to support the continued release of presently unavailable works, of which there is a large vault. Young Astronauts Club, led by singer / founder / musician Michael Macintosh, along with full-time second member, Crystal Macintosh (his wife) are constantly making new recordings and seeking innovative, new ways to present them to the public. "We though it was about time to start making some of this stuff more readily available to people, even if it meant taking a pay cut", Macintosh stated via a phone interview to publicists. "We just want people to hear us and to share our music with the world. If you guys don't want to pay us for that, we'll be upset about it but we can't force people to give us money, really. Well, we could sue everyone. But that's a lot of work". Young Astronauts Club are based in Los Angeles but can be found working in various studios around the world.

Alison Doran, director of public relations
NOTA Corporation (an imprint of Macintosh USA)
September 11, 2020 (FPRC)

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