Pro-Environment Company Duraflex Is Now Offering Pre-Order on All Branded Noise Control Barriers

Hitting another Nail in the Coffin of Noise Pollution, Duraflex Is Going To Make the Life of Construction Workers Even Better.

October 9, 2020 (FPRC) --In recent years, the climate change conversation has spread like, to use an ironical word, wildfire. More and more people not only want a better life but also a safer planet. Many people in their respective countries have started or accelerated the fight against the various kinds of pollution, among other things, that contribute to personal and national catastrophes.

Cue, Duraflex Distribution. Committed to making the earth and the workplace safer, Duraflex is now offering pre-order on all noise reduction control barriers. Now, employers can acquire this life-changing equipment as soon as it is released.

All of us know how terrible of a nuisance excessive noise can be, especially in the construction business. Many of them in the industry end up suffering with noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), a condition that cannot be reversed. According to surveys, a staggering 91 percent of sufferers developed the lifelong condition after being exposed to excessive noise in the workplace.

Therefore, to eliminate this critical problem that has plagued people since the invention of construction machines, Duraflex Distribution has developed Hushtec Noise Reducing Curtains that will drastically reduce the affected. The wide range includes:
1. Noise barriers to block the sound of construction or demolition work.
2. Noise reduction solutions for construction/demolition equipment like pile rigs and rock breakers.
3. NoiseControl barriers for generators and pumps.

"Pollution and human-induced climate change is a huge challenge that definitely needs to be addressed by everyone including governments, the global watchdogs and the common people. We believe that if everybody did their bit, the world would automatically benefit greatly and we'll see massive change for the better in less than a year. At Duraflex, we have resolved to undertake the challenge of reducing the various pollution, especially noise pollution. We have developed Hushtec Noise Reducing Curtains that would work as the most potent noise barriers to prevent hearing impairment in construction workers in the long run, something that has been largely an unavoidable price to pay in this line of work. Our equipment will provide the necessary protection to the employees working on the field. All of our equipment is custom made. You can get the dimensions that you specifically want and you can add your own branding to the solution. Together, friends, we can fight climate change. Together we can make a better workplace and a safer planet", said the Marketing Manager of Duraflex Distribution.

Duraflex is a company that manufactures and supplies a range of solutions worldwide that help protect people and the environment. All of their products are fully customisable so people can get the dimensions and features that they need. This includes adding their branding to the solution.

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