Satmya - Wholesome Holistic Nourishment

Satmya India A fine selection of Health-Conscious, Immunity Boosting Foods 🌿 Handmade • Small Batches 🌿 All Natural • Sustainable • Farm To Table

May 15, 2022 (FPRC) -- March 15, 2021 (FPRC) --

Wholesome Holistic Nourishment
A fine selection of health-conscious products

nourish lives, one day at a time.
Sātmya has everything to keep you and your family’s health routine on track. From immunity-boosting brews, stress and anxiety-relieving kadhas to seasonal preserves that are all-natural, homemade in small batches, contain zero preservatives, and are organically homegrown

Explore a niché range of products that are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and antiviral properties that'll promise to nourish you from within.

Satmya's wholesome and holistic products are homemade using organically grown, unadulterated ingredients. We follow slow and traditional methods that require tending to products with hands to preserve the utmost purity of all the ingredients.

Satmya was launched last year by Rabiya Kapoor. Growing up her favourite time of the day was the sleepy hours of midday when her mom would nap. Sneaky little kids that they were, her brothers and she would climb the sprawling Jamun tree to get our daily dose of the juicy, tart flesh. We would always return with bright purple stains on our t-shirts much to our mother's dismay.

Satmya is a culmination of my mother's influence and subsequently my wholehearted attempt to follow a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Inspired by our family recipes using the herbs, fruits, and vegetables of our farm we bring to you a finely curated selection of a healthy and fresh range of herbal home remedies and organic jams. These valued recipes have been family favorites, they have come to our aid be it seasonal flu, chronic fatigue, or irregular sleep patterns.

We are committed to bringing the healing benefits of Indian spices and herbs. Enjoy the benefits of our straight-from-the-farm, freshly prepared herbal products, and delightful fruit preserves.

For more information contact Rabiya Kapoor of Satmya  (
+91 98111 38360

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