Entrepreneur Ryan Lindsay Launches Seersucker Stud

Seersucker Stud embodies the modern southern gentleman: smart, progressive, witty and sexy. The brand is the brainchild of Houston attorney Ryan Lindsay and he will grow it across various platforms: Instagram, a blog, a weekly Stud Talk Zoom event and an extremely humorous YouTube series that will launch on Friday, April 23, 2021.

April 20, 2021 (FPRC) -- On this date Ryan Lindsay of Houston, Texas officially unveiled his brand, Seersucker Stud, with the launch of the dynamic website SeersuckerStud.com. Born from his wildly popular Instagram “Thirst Trap” Page, @Seersucker.Stud, the new brand embodies the modern southern gentleman: smart, progressive, witty and sexy. SeersuckerStud.com shows the dichotomy within the Houston businessman via a photo gallery full of spicy photos from Lindsay’s international modeling portfolio as well as a blog where he reveals his authentic self: funny, flawed, passionate and motivated for success.

With the conclusion of his seventeen-year relationship with internationally-acclaimed artist John Ross Palmer, as 2020 wrapped Lindsay found himself divorced, unemployed and living alone with his three cats. After four years of practicing complex family law litigation, twelve years of owning and operating an exclusive art gallery, and five years of leading an artist mentoring nonprofit, Lindsay put together an attractive resume and dove headfirst into interviewing. He came close to securing executive positions in both statewide and national nonprofit organizations, but he could not suppress his own unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit and eventually terminated all efforts towards traditional employment.

When asked bluntly just what the hell are you doing, Lindsay responds, “Look. I’m basically living my best life. I’m working like a dog. I’m taking huge risks. And I’m thriving with the freedom that exists when you own your own business.” Followed up with the next logical question, just how exactly he planned to make money, Lindsay replies, “Now that is the million dollar question. I’m not exactly sure. And, I’m just going to have to figure it out. Currently the most potential comes from monetizing my YouTube series, sales of merchandise, hosting a live Zoom talk show and consulting with others on innovative marketing and the growth of their business.” After a dozen years of elevating the career and name recognition of his ex-spouse, Lindsay considers himself to be an expert in the field.

Seersucker Stud represents a number of things for which Lindsay takes tremendous pride. He’s given birth to a safe, creative business venture during the global coronavirus pandemic. The entire operation, including the production of his soon-to-be-released YouTube series, is run from his one-bedroom apartment in the Houston Heights. At 43 years old, Lindsay is not a traditional model by any means. This new brand is a celebration of both body positivity and the beauty that comes with maturity. It also reveals great courage. After more than a decade of being the man behind the scenes, he’s now taken center stage. From the onset, the business will have a commitment to philanthropic giving. Lindsay will first-announce the company’s inaugural charitable donation during tonight’s private launch party.

If you have questions about Seersucker Stud, please contact our team of studs at SeersuckerStud@gmail.com. The Seersucker Stud YouTube series will drop this Friday, April 23, 2021.

For more information contact Ryan Lindsay of Seersucker Stud, LLC  (http://www.seersuckerstud.com)

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