Seersucker Stud Releases a Thirst Trap Tutorial on YouTube

Following the launch of his brand Seersucker Stud earlier this week, Houston attorney Ryan Lindsay has now unveiled his new YouTube series, Thirst Trap 101. The educational and humorous video tutorials provide the basics to those that want to have the sexiest pages on Instagram.

April 23, 2021 (FPRC) -- Entrepreneur Ryan Lindsay of Houston, Texas has dropped his new YouTube Series, “Thirst Trap 101.” After coaching artists on business success for over a decade, Lindsay has transformed his mentoring tips to aid those in need of enhancing the sexiest pages on Instagram. With an enthusiastic southern twang and plenty of humor, Lindsay provides positive affirmation along with the basic tools to ensure that your thirst trap page achieves its maximum potential. On the date of the launch, he unveiled an introductory video and the first three episodes.

The Urban Dictionary defines a “thirst trap” as a sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction. It’s quite clear that Lindsay is used to that daily validation as his own thirst trap page nears fifteen thousand followers after only being in operation for a little over one year. A close examination of Lindsay’s Instagram page, @Seersucker.Stud, reveals the that progressive Houston lawyer treats the release of his photos as if it were a fine art unveiling. He employs a rollout strategy, clever captions and tremendous zeal and authenticity in interacting with his very loyal fans.

Thirst Trap 101 has proven to be appealing to numerous demographics. Results from early focus groups in both Houston and Austin, Texas show that the new channel’s programming resonates with a broad spectrum of individuals. Test audiences found Thirst Trap 101 to be wildly entertaining and tremendously beneficial for general social media advice irrespective of their race, age, gender, orientation or country of origin. Viewers also applauded the length of time per episode – the nine-to-fourteen-minute length tutorials kept them engaged and hungry for the subsequent show.

When asked about the impetus for Thirst Trap 101, Lindsay says, “Y’all. You know I just said to myself too many times that ‘there ought to be a guidebook for this’ that I decided to write it myself via a YouTube series.” When asked about the production itself, Lindsay explains, “While the ideas and content creation are all mine, I must give huge accolades to my editing partner, Bogdan Mihai with Buburuza Productions. The editing makes the episodes truly pop.” Lindsay elaborates, “I feel so comfortable when I’m filming. Of course, I practice plenty. I stay up very late into the night taping. But it’s as if time doesn’t exist as I’m completely in the zone.” Lindsay is particularly proud of his programming because it honors his photographers and gives them proper credit for their collaborative efforts.

If you have questions about Thirst Trap 101 or Seersucker Stud, please contact our team of studs at Moving forward after the launch date, a new episode of Thirst Trap 101 will be unveiled each Friday morning.

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