FileHold Systems Partners with DoubleYard to Include Handwriting Recognition

FileHold Systems announced that they have partnered with DoubleYard, Inc. to expand its product offering to include DoubleYard’s Artificial Intelligence Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (AI-OCR/ICR) technology, offering FileHold users the ability to extract handwriting from their documents.

May 14, 2021 (FPRC) -- As a Document Management Software (DMS) Vendor, FileHold recognized the opportunity to include handwriting in its award-winning digitization services. DoubleYard’s DeepRead AI-OCR solution provided a natural fit.

DeepRead has the capability to convert handwritten characters from a variety of formats into structured digital data, achieving the industry's highest level of accuracy. DeepRead leverages Artificial Intelligence to not only recognize the shapes of the letters, but also the context of the words within sentences.

Background on the Initiative
With many companies across the globe driving intelligent automation to reduce costs, optimize operations, and enhance the customer experience, the missing element has long been reliable handwriting recognition.

The varying styles of handwriting have historically been challenging for most OCR tools.
With DoubleYard’s OCR technology, FileHold can now offer its customers the ability to extract critical handwritten data with a high confidence level. Larry Oliver, President of FileHold said 'We have been asked about handwriting recognition by many of our customers but all we could tell them, until now, is that it is not a practical, reliable technology. Through our relationship with DoubleYard we can now present a viable solution to business problems associated with handwriting recognition'

Overview of the Initiative
The combination of FileHold’s suite of document management products, integrated with DoubleYard's DeepRead solution, will enable FileHold’s customers to leverage the combined technology to achieve highly accurate digitization of handwritten text, which can then be properly indexed and archived. DeepRead can be provided on-premises, in-cloud or in hybrid environments, always maintaining a high level of security.

Through this strategic partnership, DoubleYard will continue to provide wide-ranging solutions for intelligent automation, regardless of industry, both in Japan and overseas, contributing to enhanced productivity and business efficiency. Tatsuya Yasunaga, CEO at DoubleYard commented, 'We are very excited to partner with FileHold and look forward to adding value to their currently successful product portfolio'

■ About FileHold Systems Inc.
FileHold Systems Inc, is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold certified, manufacturer of document management and workflow software for mid to large size organization. There are over 30,000 seats of FileHold software in production throughout the world. FileHold software is the fast track to the 'paperless office', is easy to use, interfaces with third party applications, is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office yet remains affordable. FileHold empowers both desk-bound and mobile workers to store and find their important documents, including e-mail, while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow. FileHold can be acquired via licensing or by monthly subscription and can deployed on premise or on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

◆ About DoubleYard, Inc. & DeepRead
DoubleYard is an AI solutions company that spun out from EduLab ( ) in 2018. Its extensive capability includes handwriting recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, face and gaze detection, recommendation engines.
DeepRead is an ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) product that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) based on deep learning to instantly digitize not only printed text, but also handwritten text. Demand for digitizing paper data has been increasing with each year in order to make effective use of databases with the aim of improving business efficiency. However, while conventional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can digitize printed characters, recognition accuracy for handwritten characters was low. DeepRead has made it possible to achieve a digitization accuracy rate of over 90%, the highest level in the industry. DeepRead is being widely used in industries such as finance, health care, and education. Via its REST API, DeepRead is seamlessly integrated with systems such as RPA, IDP or directly into ERP.

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